Your guide to identifying patterns of designs with the right colors

The house is a place to which we resort for warmth, safety, and family bonding, the place we resort to every time, and the place that satisfies any need that made us avail ourselves of it, especially in moments of family gatherings. Therefore, taking care of our first shelter is a very important and critical issue, as we greatly need to make sure that we make it a suitable place for all that we like and wish for. For that, the house’s interior design style and the method of choosing the colors and their harmony are the most important features that determine how comfortable the house will be. There are many design styles and various ways to choose colors paint, and each of us has his own taste and the design method that he likes most.

Design Styles’ Divisions:

The design styles are divided into 8 main sections, including Classic, Contemporary, Neo-Classic, Modern, and Shabby chic styles. In this article, we will present to you the different types of design styles along with the appropriate colors for each style.

The Classic Style

The classic style is one of the most luxurious and prestigious designs; and this type of design is most preferred by many homes with large areas because it adds a cast of prestige and luxury to the place.

The classic design is characterized by choosing a point as the assemblage or meeting center within the place such as the main table or windows in the front facade of the place. Also, this design type is distinguished by having harmony, homogeneity, and consistency as its main distinctive features. Thus, if you divide the space into two halves, you will find that each half is completely similar to the other half.

Classic style decorations

If we make our choice of the classic design, the color of the place's paint for this design type does not branch off from the natural and luxurious colors including golden, yellow, beige, green or blue; and you will find little use of black as well. Designers prefer to use natural floors to be in harmony with the entire design, such as wooden floors, marble, or any other natural material. For the types of fabric used in this design type, it is most excellent to be decorated in a calm and simple manner which is distinguished by sophistication and luxury such as velvet fabrics and cotton, while silk is seldom used for this design type.

Paint colors that fit the classic style best

The Neoclassical design style:

The neoclassic style is a modern style that was invented by the interior designers through mixing modern designs with the classic style in a way that does not affect the luxury and prestige of the classic, but rather gives it a distinctive cast. This design style is attained through achieving the harmonization between the classic and the modern in a way that generates a unique design style which gives luxury to the place in a serene and simple manner, and this makes the neoclassic design style a favorite destination for owners of small villas and apartments.

Decorations of the neoclassical design style

The method of using colors paint in the place is the most pivotal element between the two design styles, as choosing jolly colors such as blue and green is the prevalent characteristic of this style, but there is no change in the colors of the used furniture, fittings, and natural floors which are used for the classical design style.

Paint colors that fit the neoclassic style best

The Contemporary design style

Many people make the mistake of mixing up the contemporary design style with modern design. And most people sometimes think that the two design styles are two names of the same design. It is true that they are similar in comfort, spaciousness, and reliance on natural lighting to a great extent, but when we examine the two styles deeply, we get well-aware that there are basal differences, especially with regard to the suitable decorations that fit best for each of these two styles.

Decorations of the contemporary design style

The decor is one of the most distinctive features that distinguishes the contemporary design style from the modern style, this is because the contemporary design is characterized by the use of bold colors in furniture and decoration, as well as using silk, linen, and soft cotton in addition to the straight lines and sharp corners. Besides, the contemporary style relies on the use of natural materials in their downright form free of any painting in any color such as wood and metal for decor, marble, concrete, and parquet for floors. Among the important elements that distinguish the contemporary design style is the spaciousness of the place and the height of the ceiling, which gives an aesthetic dimension to the place.

Paint colors that fit the contemporary style best

The modern design style

The modern design style is characterized by its simplicity and calm. It is often used in small spaces, smooth surfaces, and apartments, and this is due to a good reason which is the simplicity of this style in terms of colors and furniture, which are two elements that exclusively distinguish this design style among the design other styles; and this is what makes it suitable for small family areas.

Decorations of the modern design style

The use of furniture in this style resembles the contemporary design style in terms of using metals and wood in their downright form without inserting any change to their colors, in addition to the use of parquet, glossy marble or porcelain for floors as well in most cases. The minimalist design style is considered one of the branches of this design style considering its simplicity and the colors it uses. The best colors that are recommended to be used in modern design style are the neutral colors, and here is a collection of colors that you can use for this design style.

Paint colors that fit the modern style best