About Us
Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1979, Jazeera Paints is a pioneering paint manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), with an established reputation for manufacturing and exporting high-quality and eco-friendly paints.
We strive to be a leading and competitive paint company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, the Middle East and Africa.
To deliver the leading and most competitive paint products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and by extension the MENA region.
The vision of Jazeera Paints is to become a global leader in innovative painting, coating, and construction solutions, and the most reliable partner to customers in the market.
Jazeera Paints’ mission is to deliver maximum value for its clients, shareholders, and partners. In addition, the company provides innovative and eco-friendly construction solutions and paint products in line with the highest international standards.
Jazeera Paints has five large-scale, round-the-clock operating plants in Saudi Arabia with a production capacity of more than 400,000 tonnes of paint products and construction solutions every year. The plants utilize highly sophisticated monitoring systems to ensure that only the highest quality of products is delivered to the market.
Showroom Design
Jazeera Paints’ showrooms are designed with simple and modern concepts to assist our customers in confident decision-making. Model structures have been set up to demonstrate all product categories that can be applied in different settings in a house. With more than 750 operational showrooms located across the Kingdom, GCC, and MENA, the company strives to inspire customers in exploring their color imagination
Our History
Established in Riyadh in 1979, Jazeera Paints Company began its journey as a small enterprise with long-term goals and aspirations Within a short span of time, the company laid the foundations of a pioneering venture in the paint manufacturing industry in the GCC countries and MENA at large.
The company offers more than 450 different products, from architectural, decorative, industrial, and marine products, to protective paint, wood paint, and fire-resistant paint products among other unique products. The product range has been carefully designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers when it comes to preference for base paints, pastes, insulation, external textures, and interior paints.
Jazeera Paints Institute
Jazeera Paints understands that a professional team makes a huge difference in acquiring a high level of excellence and collectively achieving the company’s goals. It is equally important to give back to the community and contribute towards quality of life for all. In order to support the GCC paint market, Jazeera Paints established the Jazeera Paints Institute in 2012.
Jazeera Paints Company is proud to manage a huge logistics fleet that is organized, monitored, and directed by a professional team that distributes inventory to the company’s 750 showrooms efficiently and accurately throughout the GCC and MENA region.
Work Environment
To encourage innovation and excellence, Jazeera Paints strives to provide a work environment that attracts competent professionals who are keen to grow the company. We invest in employees to expand and develop their skills by providing opportunities for further professional training.