Product Details

7 days Full Dry Time
n/a Recoat Time
Coverage up to
5 m2 per Ltr


A hydrous and decorative paint is used in the inner surfaces, and is designed by special method to give the view of the wonderful nature of desert.


- Gives impression of sand mountains in desert.
- Turns living spaces into a master showpiece.
- Very good adhesion and high durability.
- Formulated without APEOs, formaldehyde and ammonia.
- Wide range of colors.

Application Method

Recommended to Use


Painting System

Apply one coat of "Jazeera Green Prime". Apply two coats of "Jazeera Green Putty". Apply two coats of "Jazeera Semi Gloss Deco Primer", of the same color as that of "Jazeera Rawa " (topcoat), by using a fine roller or spray gun and make sure that surface is uniform and there are no roller marks. The color of "Jazeera Semi Gloss Deco Primer" must always be the same as "Jazeera Rawa" ( topcoat). Apply one coat of product obliquely or horizontally in zigzag movement with the help of special recommended brush.

Surface Type

concrete, cement and gypsum surfaces

Application Tools



Ready to use.

Sizes Available

Gallon 3 LT
3 liters

Downloads TDS



329.48 SAR (Incl.VAT)
for Gallon 3 LT
A paint simulates the view of sandhills. It is designed to add a desert dimension to the place and walls and turn them into paintings inspired by the wonderful nature of the desert.
Up to 5 m2 per Ltr
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