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7 days Full Dry Time
n/a Recoat Time
Coverage up to
0.35 m2 per KG


A decorative paint, which is applied to exterior surfaces. It is characterized by high strength, hardness and resistance to weather conditions.


- High resistance to moisture, temperature and harsh weather conditions.
- High resistance to scratch and friction.
- Ease of application and formation.
- Excellent color retention.
- Excellent adhesion to the surfaces.
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Application Method

Recommended to Use

 exterior and interior applictions 

Painting System

• Apply one coat of "Jazeera Royal Prime" according to "Jazeera Linetex" color and leave for full dry.

• Apply one coat of "Jazeera Linetex" by steel trowel.

• Make the required design by plastic trowel; clean the trowel during application with a a water-saturated sponge.

• Smooth the surface and make it uniform by plastic trowel to get the desired beautiful and uniform appearance (if required).


1-"Jazeera Linetex" should be applied by professional painter to get the desired design and spreading rate.

2-During application, sufficient pressure should be done by trowel to get a high adhesion..

3-For any circular shapes of surfaces, more attention shall be given during application.

Surface Type

 concrete, cement and brick surfaces, over any suitable type of Jazeera paints primers.

Application Tools

Steel trowel Plastic trowel


Tap Water

Sizes Available

DRUM 25.880 KG
25 Kg

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128.8 SAR (Incl.VAT)
for DRUM 25.880 KG
(Special discount automatically applied at payment) A paint that has a wide range of decorative choices, which is designed using unique technology, granting frontages strength protection from the different weather conditions.
Up to 0.35 m2 per KG
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