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7 days Full Dry Time
n/a Recoat Time
Coverage up to
6 m2 per Ltr


A hydrous and decorative paint is used in the inner surfaces, and is designed by special method to give the view of the wealthy coral reefs.


- The product itself offers coral-like effect.
- Gives you a feeling to be close to the nature.
- Selection of shades will reflect one's vision of nature.
- Excellent adhesion and high durability.
- Washable.
- Wide range of colors.
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Application Method

Recommended to Use


Painting System

- Apply one coat of "Jazeera Green Prime". - Apply two coats of "Jazeera Green Putty". - Apply two coats of "Jazeera Matt Deco Primer", of the same color as that of "Jazeera Khayal Base", by using a fine roller or spray gun and make sure that surface is uniform and there are no roller marks. - Apply two coats of "Jazeera Khayal Base". - The color of "Jazeera Matt Deco Primer" must always be the same as "Jazeera Khayal Base". - Applying the product obliquely by cross (X) method by special recommended brush. - Press gently by the same method by special recommended plastic scrapper.

Surface Type

concrete, cement and gypsum surfaces

Application Tools

Brush scrapper


Not recommended.

Product Coverage


Product Dry Time

7 days

Product Dry Time

6 m2 per liter

Sizes Available

2.5 liters

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489.9 SAR
for GALLON 2.50LT
A decorative paint, which is bright and shiny as precious metals, makes your sight enjoys the appearance of coral reefs of pure colors, in order to grant your walls a wealthy appearance.
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