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28 days Full Dry Time
12-24 hours . Recoat Time
Coverage up to
1.3 m2 per KG


A cement-based paint is used to insulate against water. It is used under interior and exterior tiles, having the characteristic of resistance to water leakage, cracking and humidity.


- When blending the two components (Component A powder + Component B liquid) of the product it forms a thixotropic slurry can be applied easily with a brush, roller or spray on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
- High flexible.
- Alkali resistance.
- Water Leakage Prevention.
- High resistance to efflorescence.
- High elongation and crack bridging.
- Good adhesion to all cementitious surfaces.
- Protects concrete from positive and negative hydrostatic pressure up to 1.5 bar.
- It can be applied up to 2mm thickness.
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Application Method

Recommended to Use

exterior and interior

Painting System

• Moisten the surface with water before application at hot weather areas.

• Apply “Jazeera Flexiguard” on the corners by using brush and install fiberglass mesh on the corners and drainage holes.

• Apply “Jazeera Flexiguard” on the surface by using roller (Dekor Nardeen 1093) and fix fiberglass mesh directly then apply“Jazeera

Flexiguard” over the fixed mesh .

• Re-apply “Jazeera Flexiguard” over the mesh for full areato achieve thickness up to 2 mm.

Surface Type

on concrete, cement and block surfaces

Application Tools



• Ready for use without thinning.

Product Dry Time

28 days.

Product Recoat Time

12-24 hours (minimum).

Product Coverage

A two-component cementitious coating

Product Dry Time

28 days

Product Dry Time

12-24 hours .

Product Dry Time

1.3 kg / m2 / 1mm

Sizes Available

20 Kg

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Price upon request.
Use " Flexi Guard" as a waterproofing product. It is used under tiles to protect surfaces from leakages and cracks.
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