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n/a Full Dry Time
n/a Recoat Time
Coverage up to
1 m2 per KG


A cement mortar used to smooth concrete pillars and plaster layers. It is characterized strong adherence, high water resistance, resistance to weather conditions and easy usage.

- Excellent bonding to fair face concrete and masonry surfaces.
- Strongly and easily, fill the air pockets and repair the concrete blemishes.
- Suitable for middle east weather.
- Specially designed for outdoor use.
- Gives perfect leveling for the plaster and concrete surfaces.
- Excellent to repair cracks and holes.
- Excellent adhesion with topcoat.
- High water resistant properties.
- Easy to use by mixing the powder and the liquid part.
- Easy to apply and sanding.
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Specifications and Application method

Recommended to Use

Levelling and smoothing of all exterior surfaces including the horizontal and vertical ones like concrete, plastered surfaces in buildings,

bridges, tunnels and concrete pillars, etc

Painting System

Apply two coats of "Jazeera Extreme ". Apply any exterior finish coat.

Surface Type

exterior surfaces including the horizental and vertical ones like concrete ,plastred surfaces in buldings , bridges , tunnels and concrete pillars ... etc

Application Tools

Putty knife. Hand trowel. Spray machine.

Sizes Available

25 Kg

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133.97 SAR
A soft cement mortar with high technology for water and weather conditions resistance. It is used to repair and level all types of surfaces including concrete pillars or plaster layers such as bridges and tunnels.
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