Product Details

7 days Full Dry Time
8 hr Recoat Time
Coverage up to


A paste is specially designed to fill cracks and holes in concrete and cement surfaces up to 1cm depth.

- Excellent crack filling up to 1cm depth and 1cm width.
- Very strong adhesion and hardness.
- High durability.
- Very good undercoat adhesion with surface and primers.
- Invisible crack traces after applying topcoats.

Specifications and Application method

Recommended to Use

exterior or interior

Painting System

Apply "Jazeera Crack Filler" until the cracks are filled completely and the surface becomes leveled.

Surface Type

cracks and holes of concrete, cement, and brick surfaces.

Application Tools

Putty knife


Tap water

Sizes Available

Can 3.8 KG
3 Kg

Downloads TDS


60.95 SAR
Can 3.8 KG
Buy in installment with no fees!
A paste is composed of a high-strength filler, working on filling and treating cracks and holes.
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