Product Details

7 days Full Dry Time
n/a Recoat Time
Coverage up to
5 m2 per Ltr


A hydrous and decorative paint is used in the inner surfaces, and is designed by special method granting the appearance of soft leather of full elegant.


- Excellent soft leather effect.
- Provides a unique decorative look.
- Highly durable.
- Very good color retention.
- Excellent adhesion.
- Good spreading rate.
- Wide range of colors
- Easy to apply

Application Method

Recommended to Use


Painting System

- Apply one coat of "Jazeera Green Prime" or any other suitable type of Jazeera Primers, depending on surface and leave for full dry. - Apply two coats of "Jazeera Green Putty". - Apply one or 2 coats of "Jazeera Silk Deco Primer" with same colour as per its catalogue and allow drying. - Apply one coat of "Jazeera Corium" by roller to hide the surface. Let it get dry for 4-6 hours (depends on surface temperature) - Apply a second coat of "Jazeera Corium" by roller to spread the paint evenly then use a special recommended trowel to make design and to give it a final beautiful look. * Design to be completed within 10 minutes which depends on surface temperature

Surface Type

Recommended to use for interior applications on well prepared Jazeera Deco Silk primer.

Application Tools

Roller Trowel


Tap Water.

Sizes Available

Gallon 3 LT
3 liters

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307.05 SAR
Gallon 3 LT
Corium paint of wealthy colors are inspired from the appearance of soft leather of fascinating touch. That paint makes your walls a brand of majesty and elegance.
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