Best Colors for Dining Rooms

The dining room is not a sad place, but rather a time for all partners to meet with the group, and an opportunity to form transportation links through communication and familiarity. Therefore, we were keen to choose the best methods within our innovation of the 2023 color collections, to make the dining room a place full of warmth, closeness, and fun.

Cold Coffee RY-0052

Cold coffee is a rustic beige color that reflects a sense of calmness, tranquility and peace, in order to spread harmony among your family members in calm surroundings.

Cold Coffee

Pure Gray RY-0158

Pure Gray color is a modern gray color that adds its unique touch of distinction and luxury to your dining room. You can coordinate this color with furniture pieces that have a formal character.

Pure Gray

Off White WH-2105

Off White color with a shade of pure white color will grant your room a spacious and simple feeling and will suite all design types, so it is widely chosen for dining rooms.

Off White

Off White 

City Walk BL-0264

City Walk color is selected from the light blue shades, as it provides a uniquely bright character to your dining room, stimulating appetite for food and urging for more interesting conversations.

City Walk

City Walk

Almond Cream YL-0342

Inspired by the brightness of almond cream, overflowed with an innovative shade of amber, Almond Cream brings an active, energetic and cheerful feel to your dining room.

Almond Cream

Whenever you desire to try one of such colors in different spaces of your home, you can use the color simulator, to get a true perception of your chosen color during the day and night periods. In addition, you can download the application via the iPhone App Store through the link here, to experience the color on your wall realistically during the day and at night, and under different lighting.

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