The Ultimate Solution for Filling Ceramic and Porcelain Gaps

Our spaces become perfect upon completion of each single detail around. The distinctive wall color or the uniquely coordinated furniture may provide your home a creative character, as it is the visible part that will highlight or distort the overall look of your space. The look of your spaces depends mainly on the chosen colors; so, it is a critical matter to look for the best and more suitable paint types.

Thus, “Jazeera Paints” experts provides Groutex to be your perfect choice for the solid flooring you ever desired in your home. Groutex is characterized by high performance and diversity in application spaces, as it is used for grouting interior and exterior floors and walls for all types of ceramics, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, and mosaics in grouting balconies, terraces, kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.


Groutex covers a wide range, so that you can create spacious spaces, and provides solutions for any problem you may face when you decide to initiate your journey looking for the best grout for your home tiles, regardless of the type of your space and the form of grouting, as it provides you various features that will certainly solve your problem and meet your need with a promising confidence of a perfect and optimal product.


“Jazeera Paints” is committed to its significant priority, i.e., to maintain the health and safety while manufacturing all of its products. Thus, Groutex has an extra feature beside being the optimal option for grouting tiles, as its high anti-microbic and bacteria features will meet your desired security and safety standards.

Water Repellent

You will have the ideal appearance of tile grouting in your space, exactly as you desired with everlasting stunning and fresh tiles, without fearing that such grouting may be affected by water.


High Color Retention

In addition to the technical features for this special product, it is available in multiple colors to match almost all types of ceramic or porcelain tiles, or even the tiles used for swimming pools, so that you can reach the optimal tile appearance with wide color options for a consistence and elegant space. They also feature high color quality and retention, combining all features from various aspects in a single product.

High Adhesion to Tiles’ Sides

The key difference between good and bad grouting is the degree of its ability to adhere to the tiles. Groutex features strength and solidity in its adherence to all sides of tiles, so that all of its corners are neatly finished.

For Interior and Exterior Application

You can use Groutex for all interior and exterior spaces, so that you enjoy diversity in its application and balance in its use. Accordingly, it will fulfill all of your needs and provide you the appearance consistent with your expectations.

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