11 Reasons to Choose Novel Charm for Your Home.

To ensure you've made the best choice for yourself and your family, choose a paint with competitive quality and satisfying features for your home.

Once you've decided to renovate your home, you'll have a lot of questions. You will look for answers to your questions and inquiries about the best colors for your home's different rooms. Your journey usually begins with reading the blogs of interior designers to get ideas and suggestions on the best colors for your rooms. After you've gathered all of this information and decided on the best color palette, you'll start looking for the best paint to buy. In this blog, we will recommend one of the best house paints that has received the highest certifications from various international research centers.

Novel Charm:

Most interior designers recommend using a matt finish of any paint, which begs the question, why matt? Simply put, the matt paints give the space a luxurious and magical feel. When this is suggested to homeowners, they are immediately enthusiastic because of the beauty of matt paints. However, they later show reluctance, which can be traced back to a set of ideas about matt paints.

Matt paints, while beautiful, are difficult to clean. It is more important to ensure that your paint is efficient than it is beautiful and luxurious. Dirty walls will undoubtedly diminish the beauty and elegance of your walls.

These concerns and questions were not overlooked by the product developers at Jazeera Paints. They attempted to devise comprehensive solutions to this problem.

Novel Charm’s Release:

Companies are racing to develop new products and find innovative solutions. The most important thing is to understand the clients' needs and problems, and then to innovate the best solutions for them.

Novel Charm was the solution to many paint issues. A matt paint with numerous features provides clients with innovative solutions:


Many people complain about the difficulty of washing matt paints and how quickly they become dirty, which is why they avoid using them in their homes, particularly in children's rooms. Novel Charm provided the solution: a matt paint with numerous features, that is washable and leaves no trace, and that can be applied to any wall and in any room, including children's rooms, without concern. Your room's walls will be safe regardless of the scuffs caused by children's toys.

Cleanliness around you with Novel Charm:

Stain Removal:

Novel Charm is well-known for its ability to remove even the most stubborn stains caused by spilled drinks, food, pens, and colors without leaving a trace or changing the color of the wall. Without the use of chemicals, the stains can be removed with a towel soaked in water.

This feature was awarded the ASTM D4828 certificate for practical washability by the laboratories of TU Dortmund University in Germany, with the highest washability rating of 10.

Scuff resistant:

The most common issue that office workers face is scuff marks on the walls caused by chairs. These marks are difficult to remove from most paints and necessitates the use of harsh chemicals. Novel Charm solves this problem since it is scuff resistant. Novel Charm was awarded numerous certificates, the most notable of which was the 11998 ISO EN 1st classification for withstanding wear in paint coasting. Continuous scuffing will not harm the paint and will instead preserve its beauty over time.

Flame spread resistance:

Paints, like any other material inside the house, can react to fire and aid in its spread. This equation has been altered by Novel Charm. We have worked tirelessly in our laboratories to create a product with technology that limits the interaction of paint with flames, and thus the spread of fire. Many tests were conducted on the product, and it received a flame spread resistance rating of BS 476: PART 7 from Exova Warringtonfire laboratories in the United Kingdom.


Novel Charm was created to be an eco-friendly paint that would not harm the environment even if disposed of improperly.

Novel Charm's prominent eco-friendly features include:

• Zero volatile organic compounds according to 24 METHOD E standard.

• Pass the Dubai Central Laboratory's (DCL) heavy metals test.

• Pass Wimpey Laboratories’ Aromatic Hydrocarbon and Halogen tests.

• Pass the Dubai Central Laboratory’s (DCL) Chrome test.

• Ammonia, Formaldehyde, and APEOs free.


People usually leave their homes because of the strong odor of paint. However, Novel Charm is odorless, and you can repaint your home or room without leaving your room.

Everlasting beauty with Novel Charm:


Novel Charm is an interior paint that is available in a variety of colors. The color palette includes over 2,000 different colors in various shades.

Perfect leveling and smoothness:

Wonderful smoothness and leveling that gives your home's walls a charming and breathtaking silky texture and a super-smooth appearance.

Resistance to cracking:

Cracks appear on walls over time, and different products are required to treat and repair this problem. Novel Charm is designed to keep cracks at bay. This extends the life of the paint and keeps your walls looking beautiful.

Dortmund University laboratories in Germany awarded Novel Charm a Class A1 according to DIN EN-1062-7:2004.

Novel Charm has over 12 unique features that make it the best choice for your home or office.

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