Best Ramadan Decor in 2022

As Ramadan is getting closer the feeling of joy, happiness and enthusiasm are filling our homes and hearts. We would like to share with you our vision of the Ramadan spirit, from refreshing lights, decorations, and paint colors that bring a sense of joy, satisfaction, and realization.

It comes out of the true spirit of this holy month that encourages us to get away from the hectic lifestyle of a city, slow down our pace and transition more naturally into the spirit and beauty of Ramdan. This is also reflected on the covers we created for your collection. Each one showing a beautiful creative atmosphere that would be able to give any room a true Ramdan feel.

With the inspiration of Ramadan decor and spirit, experts at Jazeera Paints have created 4 different elegant color groups early this year under the name of Color Trends 2022. We provide you a selective list of colors that go hand in hand with Ramadan decors.


”Let yourself be calmed by this palette for Ramdan”

The application of Islamic decoration in the context of Ramadan is in the form of star and crescent. Crescent decoration is independent, but the combination of stars and moons with the shape of the crescent is interesting because the combination of crescent moon and stars symbolises the Islamic Religion.

You may make this popular Ramadan decoration unique and delicate by adding Arabic calligraphy, which make them icons of Ramadan. To make this Ramadan decoration even more unique, you may combine it with dark colors to make the lantern Ramadan lamp and lighting stand out such as Brownies and Pesto 


“Realization line will make it easy for you to get in the Ramdan spirit”

The Milkshake paint color is one of the paints color that fits Ramadan flickering lights decoration. These paint colors have always been considered as one of the best paints to attract people’s attention as they have shades of yellowish off- white. It is quite perfect for creating a Ramadan atmosphere.

Ramadan decor

Ramdan needs to be celebrated appropriately, so if you are looking for a house decoration idea, you should try to decorate your house with crescents that come in different colors and match them with paints colors.

“Do you want to show Ramadan spirit in the best way possible?”

For more ideas regarding Ramadan decor in 2022, you can show Ramadan spirit with a range of authentic decorations including Ramadan lamps, flickering lights, fairy lights, electrical tea lights, crescent, which can be made at home with colors and styles that are sure to make a bold statement in your home on Ramdan nights.

Lighting is an integral part of Ramadan decorations, but you don't always have to go with the traditional lotus lamp or candle. There are a lot of decor ideas including items made from the finest materials and patterns, such as glittery metal crescents and rotating lamps. 

Also, a rich set of electrical lights including LED strip lights in gold and silver, string lights in red, green and white, and flickering tealights. So go ahead, light up your Ramadan celebrations! And keep Ramadan spirit alive in your home with authentic Ramadan decorations that are perfect for the season to get the real flavour of Ramadan, a festive interior with a range of vibrant decorative items has become a must have and to make your decoration even more unique, choose to paint one wall with a paint color to fits Ramdan spirit and designate a corner for Ramdan decorations and items.


How does Ramadan lighting affect the paint’s color?

“Color is energy; it’s a different experience, depending on the light it’s surrounded by”

Lighting can have a tremendous effect on the brightness, contrast and color of a paint. Paints are made with different pigments and will react differently to light! Some paint colors may appear darker or lighter depending on the lighting they are in and how they are illuminated. When choosing a color to paint a room, it is important to take note of how light affects color. 

If you know that a room will be lit primarily by natural light, save very bright colors for accent details. For example, Antique Beige could work in your space. But if artificial lighting is the primary source of illumination, you may want to think twice. Due to its extreme brightness, Antique Beige can appear nearly white under lights such as fluorescent and LED bulbs. In this scenario, it may be better to choose a more muted hue like Sea Blue or Salted Caramel