How to Design the Perfect Prayer Room for Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner! And Muslims from all around the globe are overjoyed, preparing to do all kinds of worship and ritualized adulation. With a bit more diligence and patience, they are required to abstain from eating and drinking all kinds of foods, and they are encouraged to behave virtuously, performing the best and kindest of deeds. But aside from fasting and righteous behavior, they are also obligated to perform their daily prayers—and even extra ones—only to increase and strengthen their faith and sacred bond with God. So, this is the perfect time for Muslims to finally design that empty room in the house. Yes, we’re talking about creating a very unique, aesthetic Islamic—prayer room! 

Hence, this Ramadan, Jazeera Paints will give you the chance to design a quiet, spiritual sanctuary at your own house, allowing you to reflect inwards at the comfort of your space and peacefully connect with your creator. In this brief guide, we will show you how fixing one space—no matter how small—will do wonders to your Ramadan!

Pesto Color

Paint those Walls with some Mystical Colors!

Let’s start with the basics; we need to create an aura that screams out: Spiritual Feels Only! And if you think there are no mystical colors out and about that would set the scared mood of a room, then think again. But first, we need to have a better grasp on how spirituality works—because only then will we be able to reflect it in our space.


Usually, when you get a good boost in faith (Iman), the effect the latter has on you can go in two ways: it can either make you do more, or it can get you to slow down. It can increase your energy and adrenaline levels, or it can have the reverse outcome: it can calm you down. So, you have to ask yourself this: what do you want to achieve this Ramadan? If it’s inner peace, then you should consider painting your walls with some neutral tones, and if you’re trying to take more action—if your aim is self-development through the proper acquisition of skills, then you should go for a vibrant color scheme that can be uplifting and energizing.


For instance, you can consider painting the walls of your prayer room with the Pesto color that has a yellow shade to it, only to achieve an enthusiastic, creative and vibrant atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want that reflective, serene sensation in the room, you can try these colors out: Antique Beige, Milkshake , Brownies .

Antique Beige Color

An Altar: Superb Addition

Altars, or Mihrabs, are a pertinent part of the Islamic culture, as they can be mainly found in mosques. They are usually used to indicate the direction for prayer, so they serve as a prominent focal point in the mosque. Mihrabs are made from wood and are garnished with ornamental details (e.g. geometric designs, linear patterns, or calligraphy).

So, adding a wooden alter will create an Islamic, mosque-like atmosphere to your prayer room. It can either be big or elaborate, if you want to make a clear, religious statement, or small and humble. 

Milkshake Color

And almost any type of surface can suffice as an altar: you can use a coffee table, kitchen table, a nightstand, dresser, desk, hutch or china cabinet. If you are using an old piece of furniture, refresh it by giving it a new coat of paint, or stripping off old paint and refinishing the wood. You pick and choose any product from our wood paints section, and it will help you get a brand new Mihrab.

Your Prayer Room Furniture

As for furniture, we always recommend that you avoid overcrowding your prayer room, so it’s best that you stick to mere necessities. You can think of the number of people who will be using this prayer room. Also, consider “Salat Al Jam’aa” , that is prayer by group, when assembling the furniture in the room; in Ramadan, the more people pray together, the more blessings they earn individually. On such basis, you can fill in the space and arrange your furniture accordingly.

A cabinet or a chest of drawers is just perfect for keeping your religious books, beads and Qurans in check. You can also keep a sturdy book stand decorated in Islamic, ornamental carvings. Also, you can put reading lamps with low light to make it easier to read you’re your holy scripture, and this will add an aesthetic touch to the room as well.


Last but not least, you have to put in a final Islamic touch that will give your design a good aesthetic polishing. Hanging framed paintings and calligraphic writings are common decorative accessories in Islam, where you often spot direct quotes from the Quran hung on walls; the 99 names of God are also displayed as wall hangings. 

Brownies Color 

In addition to that, you can keep vases filled with beautifully scented flowers. Consider also accessorizing your furniture with some big pillows placed on patterned Middle-Eastern rugs.


Tips on Perfecting your Prayer Room Design

And now, before we part, let’s give you three final tips that will guarantee you a perfect prayer room. Private, peaceful and clean—these are the three secret words that will keep your room in ship shape at all time. 

First, you keep it private. That’s right; no distractions, no noise. Only those who truly aim to pray and perform acts of worship are allowed in.


Next, keep it Peaceful. The ultimate aim in Ramadan is to achieve Khushu’ (humility) during prayer; so, this room be a place which allows for calm, soothing sensations to come about. Again, no noise, no distractions!

And for the final tip, you keep it clean! To make sure that you’re praying on a clean floor, Muslims usually pray on a rug. However, if you’ve already invested in furnishing your room with beautiful rugs, it’s a must that you keep that clean and tidy.