Jazeera Paints’ Best Color Catalogs.

When you walk into a furniture or paint showroom, you will almost certainly ask one of the following questions:

What is your best product?

Can you send me your color catalog?

Which product do you think I should buy?

These questions demonstrate the customer's desire to learn about the options available to them and compare them in order to select the best one. As a result, businesses devised the concept of catalogs for their various colors and products. For each product that Jazeera Paints develops, we create a specific catalog in which the product's information is completely illustrated for the customer, as well as instructions on how to use and apply the product.

In this article, we highlight a variety of color catalogs to help you choose the best color for any space, whether at home or at work.

Interior designers and Jazeera Paints’ catalogs:

At Jazeera Paints, we take special care to provide a catalog for our colors, and some of our catalogs are specialized in a single color, such as our off-white colors catalog. Some, like the Harmony Catalog, are geared toward a specific theme design.

These catalogs assist interior designers in explaining colors to clients and familiarizing them with each color and how to apply it to their liking. Customers can also visit any Jazeera Paints showroom and request any catalog they want. If you don't have the time, you can go to our website and look at our special color pages and product catalogs.

Find out more about Jazeera Paint’s catalogs here:

Shades of beige catalog:

Beige is an essential color for any elegant home. Beiges are known for their classic, antique, and modern appearance, and because of their neutral nature, they can be applied in a variety of ways, in different shades, and with different styles to make your home a masterpiece. Neutral colors in general, and beige in particular, can blend elegantly with a wide range of colors and shades, and coordinating this color will not be hard. On the contrary, it is a solution that appeals to everyone's tastes with its soft, simple, and elegant details.

Shades of Ocean Catalog – Blue:

Blue is the color of inspiration; it is also the color of the sky and the sea, and it can act as a blank canvas for accent colors to flourish. When blue is used in interior design in its various shades, whether navy, velvet, or icy pastel, it allows designers more freedom to express their creativity. The diversity of palettes within these shades show that blue can be optimistic, reflective, and dramatic. Therefore, a blue-centered palette can convey all these sentiments at once.

Shades of Cloud – Gray:

Gray, as the quintessential neutral color, is a blank slate from which to create stunning interiors. Grays in any color palette are pure colors; however, depending on their color combinations, they can take on warmer or cooler tones.

Gray, in all of its elegant and modern shades, is considered a chic and pleasant option for eye color, as well as being consistent with many designs and is never out of style.

Shades of Forest – Green:

Green is widely associated with the natural world, and when used in interiors, it can connect natural aesthetics with contemporary designs, bridging the gap between natural and urban colors. Green and natural growth connections can have a long-term impact on the interior. Green is prevalent across the color spectrum. While decor may change, green on walls is not a passing trend, especially in lighter tones. A light green palette can work well with any design style because the color green is a refreshing choice for interiors.

Jazeera Paints Interior Colors Catalog:

People who are not color specialists prefer to have their options filtered and limited to the best to make it easier for them to choose. As a result, we created a catalog of our best-selling colors to make it easier for any customer planning to renovate their home or room to select from the color collection, which is limited, and they are all elegant and chic and go well with any décor.

Browse Our Catalog.

Stay at Home Catalog:

This catalog illustrates the best colors we recommend for creating your own unique atmosphere in each room of your home, allowing you to have the comfortable and lovely space you desire. You can change the color of any room in your home with Novel hygienic paint without worrying about the paint's odor or slow drying time.

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Misted Cyan:

Blue is a calming color that improves productivity and focus, making it an excellent choice for a home office where you can work in a relaxing and motivating environment.

Red Cherry:

This deep color is usually painted in theaters to create a luxurious mood and to help the picture on the screen really pop, enhancing the viewer's cinematic experience since the focus will be solely on the screen.

Gray Apple:

Green is regarded as a pure color that promotes positivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration. This color is ideal for designing a space that will inspire you to exercise and feel strong and energized.


Gray is a soothing color that evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and peace. This is one of the colors that is recommended for living rooms, where the family gathers to relax and enjoy their time together.

Bright Yellow:

When it comes to choosing colors for a child's room, it is recommended to use several colors in the room and to choose cheerful colors that appeal to the child and create an interesting and appealing environment for them.

Sabya Jasmine:

This neutral color is one of the best for bedrooms because it blends well with a variety of furniture colors and styles and allows you to refresh the look of your room at any time by simply changing the textile colors.

Finally, catalogs can differ depending on their intended use. We made it easier for you to compare and choose by creating a special page where you can download the various catalogs.


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