Paint Colors That Is Harmonious with Your Home Interior Style

Paint Colors That Is Harmonious with Your Home Interior Style

As stated by the English interior designer, David Hicks, “The best rooms often have something to say about the people who live in them.” Without a doubt, this quote carries a simple and aesthetic truth behind it. In other words, what does your choice of any interior design reflect about you?

Once you have in mind the style you want for your home interior, the next step is to match the color schemes to the interior design (you may check Color Trends of 2022 out).

Some aesthetics, including Colonial, Tudor, and Victorian styles, have historical implications, that make them well matched with certain colors. Other styles, however, like contemporary or bohemian, provide more space for experimentation with unique color combinations.

 Therefore, it is crucial to consider the interior style you want before trying to spot the perfect color palette for your home. So, in this blog, you will read an assembled list of the trendiest styles today, with the aim of gathering some color inspiration for your walls.

TRADITIONAL: Old but Gold!

The traditional style is one of the oldest and most conventional interior design styles you can find out there, and that is because it is often rooted in heritage and culture. This style often uses old pieces and objects. This style is heavily influenced by tradition, resulting in very few conscious layering, a retained degree of formality, and maintained structure and symmetry. 

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As for the color combinations for traditional homes, three distinct colors at least must be boldly, yet elegantly manifested to give this elaborate home design a good boost in class. Eye-catching shades, including brown and beige, are all fair game for traditional homes.

ORGANIC MODERN: This is Natural Glam!

This style is striking for its unique combination of modern decor and natural elements. Organic modern color schemes revolve around neutrals. For example, creamy white, warm gray, soft taupe, and subtle tads of black, all are prefect for your organic modern home. Additionally, wood tones varying from the lightness of oak to the richness of walnut complement the interior and give depth to these palettes.

You can also combine earthy shades like Pesto, Sandstone, or Empire can bring forth an intensity to the all-natural look of this style. You can check Concrete Effect out for more inspiration. You can also opt for shades with a warm touch and gray or brown undertones can help dim down the brightness and provide a more balanced, refined effect.

 Concrete Effect 

ECLECTIC: Color Schemes for the Daring Eclectic Soul!

In an alternate world, this style could be the more refined, more modernized cousin of the Bohemian style. In terms of their nature, color combos, and curated beauty and artwork, the two styles have similar cues. However, in contrast, the elements of the eclectic style are less earthy and more contemporary. In fact, eclectic-styled rooms are usually packed with iconic pieces and elements from all types of designs out there. 

From a color scheme perspective, this is an abundantly rich style. It allows you to go in any direction you desire. You can go with a more neutral, subdued color scheme, such as Novel Charm, or you can go with an incredibly vibrant design. Nevertheless, the trendiest approach in this style is to use a neutral background color for your walls, like Bumblebee or Brickyard, to make room for you to integrate any elements, patterns, and textures you want into this style. 

interior colors


INDUSTRIAL: We’re talking about Industrial Chic!

The origin of the industrial style comes from old factory and industrial spaces. Thus, compared to the other styles it is more practical, and that is due to the use of rigid elements such as metal, rustic wood, and leather. However, you can still add a sense of aesthetic to it by using a neutral color palette, decorative pieces and objects that enrich the design’s soul and character.

This style offers a streamlined, modern aesthetic and often depicts geometric forms and asymmetrical shapes. The colors that best suit this kind of style are sleek, such as steely gray and slate blue. The combination of gray, black, and white are usually favored in this style.

 Check out our Rust Effect, a paint that will give you the industrial look you want for your interior.

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Rust Effect

MINIMALIST: Less is More!

Like the modern style, the minimalist style is trendy nowadays as well. It is characterized by its clean lines and simple shapes and forms. This style adopts the mantra “less is more”, therefore, it is unlikely that you’ll find too many extra objects or layers in a minimalist room. Thus, when trying to select items for this design, choose only a handful of refined and sophisticated elements and objects.

The minimalist color palette mainly uses light colors. Colors such as: Barley, Aloe Vera, and Cloud all fall into the category of minimalist colors. The rule in this design is to avoid being striking or ‘eye-catching’, so you want colors that fade into the background and look soft and light, like Green Matt!

interior colors

Aloe Vera

Nevertheless, the main concept behind this design is whit. Choose any color you like and compare it to white. Frosted White, for instance, is a lot closer to white than blue? Any color in a minimalist palette must give you the feeling of white.

Now that you’ve grasped how closely these styles intertwine, you can start to see how they contribute to the overall character of your home.

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