How to Remove Paint Stains from Floors?

Changing the paint of your house is a fun activity that you can do yourself, besides the noticeable difference it makes to the house decor. However, before starting to paint, full precautions must be taken to protect the floors and furniture in your house such as carpets, tiles, and parquet from paint stains. This is because removing paint stains from floors is not that easy. Still, here is the bright side! This article will explain how to remove paint stains from the floor effectively and with the least loss possible.

Methods of Cleaning Paint Stains from Carpets, Tiles, and Parquet Floors:

Some people may desperately think that removing paint from carpets is out of the question and that there is no solution other than replacing the carpet with a new one. However, it is possible to remove paint stains from the carpets and tiles through following the correct steps and methods. Note that the cleaning method differs based on the type of paint spilled on the carpet and period of time it was left on it. So, each paint type has a different removing method.

Removing Water-Based Paint From All Types of Floors:

This method is used to remove recent stains that have not been there on the floor for a long time. You just need to put soap and hot water on the stain and wait a little until it becomes fully wet, then dip a brush in soapy water and rub the stain with it until it totally disappears. After that, use a water vacuum cleaner several times until the color of the paint vanishes completely. This method is effective only if the spilled paint is a water-based paint; you can know the type of your paint from the technical specifications on its package.

Removing Oil-Based Paint Stains From All Types of Floors:

If the paint is oil-based, then you can’t clean the stains with water. Thus, it is advised to use alcohol to remove the paint stains from carpets or tiles, as it has a high ability to remove paint stains. To do that, you need to bring a piece of cloth in the same color as the carpet’s, pour an amount of alcohol directly on the stain, then rub the stain vigorously and repeatedly until it is entirely gone. After you finish, clean the place with soap and water to get a completely clean result. You can also use a water vacuum cleaner for a better after-effect.

The Key Steps to Implement Immediately After Spilling Paint on Your Carpet or Moquette:

When paint is spilled on the floor, carpets, or moquette, you must promptly remove the stain so that it does not become hard to remove, through implementing the following steps:

1. First, you should surround the stain with napkins or cloth pieces so that it does not spread over a larger area.

2. Place cotton cloth pieces or napkins on the stain and dab over it to absorb the paint stain and change the cloth frequently. Also, avoid rubbing the paint so that the stain will not spread.

3. Put some laundry detergent in a bowl with lukewarm water and stir them well. Do not add any type of laundry bleach or anything alike so that the carpet does not lose its color (If the paint is oil-based, skip this step).

4. Take a sponge and dampen it with water (if the paint is oil-based, wet the sponge with a paint thinner or any alcoholic solution instead of water) and dab the stained spot gently. Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone, then bring a dry cloth and place it on the stain spot to absorb the moisture from the carpet and dry it.

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