Best Exterior Home Colors Ideas for a Lasting Appeal

Opting for a grand change in the exterior color of your house acts as a major design decision whether you’re aware of it or not. Because your home exterior represents the overall look, feel and persona of your home, choosing the right complementing color can be a bit daunting, as it could either make your home glow, or it could make it a major blow!

Now, while you’re looking to make some grand renovations and decorations, we know you’ve already considered giving that house of yours a serious makeover in exterior, only to show more consistency with the interior decorations you’re creatively preparing, and to obtain more elegance overall for the long haul. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the decision less daunting.

So, if you’ve been constantly staring at your exterior, thinking of a color that could make a huge impact on your home, then Jazeera Paints is here to show you a set of exterior home colors schemes that will play a pivotal role in transforming your house to take on a more sophisticated and elegant appearance.

The paint color, from your siding, trim, front door, and other exterior elements, will create an exceptional statement and set the tone and mood before your guests even take a step inside. Here are some tips and tricks to help you select from a nearly endless parade of exterior paint colors.

exterior home colors

A Home with Persona!

Exactly like the style of your wardrobe, your own home reflects your personality—be it your interior home, or your exterior—it has character Your neighborhood can be a big factor that shapes the personality of your home; the family lifestyle as well as the geographic location of your home can also be other influential aspects.

An Ever-Lasting Appeal

Nevertheless, remember that the color schemes we’re about to present have an ever-lasting feature. This implies that while you’re keen on decorating your home, the color schemes we are presenting in this article will surely guarantee a divine and dignified appearance for your home in the long haul. Therefore, it’s time to give your home the aesthetic renovation you desire after reading this article.

exterior home colors

An Elegant Exterior & A Spiritual Retreat

Simple color schemes can have two implications: an elegant home and a serene space! And both sophistication and tranquility have an immense effect on the spiritual wellness of the individuals living inside the house. The exterior home colors we’re presenting will help you create a calm, refined, free-flowing space, while retaining a strong sense of integrity and veracity.

1. Blue Exterior Color Scheme

Neutral color schemes, like whites for instance, don’t necessarily have to be monotonous. If you choose one shade of white with specific undertones that complement the rest of your exterior, then the desired look of composure and spirituality will be easily achieved. A white color scheme along with some blue undertones, like Neli from Newtex would blend with grace, especially if you add a popping color such as a bold, bright blue for the front door. The tones of blue in such an exterior are all quite distinct from each other; yet, this trio, if well implemented, has the power to create a truly harmonious design.

exterior home colors

2. Neutral Exterior Home Colors

Another scenario would be to add an interesting exterior home colors scheme without the help of colored paint. You can go all-no color! If you insist on getting that elegant exterior, then an all-neutral palette would look exceptionally refined when complemented with dashes of black. For instance, you can opt for Newtex for your exterior to have that sophisticated aura around the house. You can also choose to paint the shutters and front door with the color black. Also, to avoid attaining a monotonous look, you can use the color white for other exterior elements as well.