Environmentally Responsible Paints

Color is an essential element in our lives. Therefore, people seek to express themselves through the color choices they make in life and the harmonization between the colors and the spaces in their homes, which are their primary sanctuaries. We believe that the quality of life is obtained by following a healthy living system, which achieves the element of sustainability in terms of human health and the environmental safety around them. So, our experts have created a diverse, top-notch range of paint products that aim to combine the freshness of color throughout the house and the preservation of the health and safety of the household.

When we talk about environmentally responsible paint, we mean paint that can be used in open and closed spaces without causing any harm to individuals or to the environment. This is because its components are free of organic compounds, pesticides, and fungicides. It also contains a larger number of natural pigments and components. Such paint achieves environmental protection and health safety by obtaining a number of sustainable benefits.

Free of Harmful Substances

Healthy paint should be free of harmful chemical substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, formaldehyde, toluene, and others. It should also have the ability to reduce carbon emissions by being made from renewable and sustainable materials.


Traditional paint is known to cause problems in the respiratory system if it is inhaled in large quantities or if it contains harmful chemicals. Therefore, we have created safe products that allow for breathing in the painted area and reduce that discomfort the person feels after painting a certain area. Novel paint is odor-free and has excellent resistance to microbes such as fungi and bacteria. It is made from a formula that is free of volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, and ammonia.


Ease of Cleaning

Environmentally-responsible paint should have a feature that makes it easy to clean and resistant to stains and dirt to help improve indoor air quality. Green Gloss paint provides high resistance to washing. It is designed to be highly washable and to have a high cleaning capacity, with a very low formula of harmful substances and volatile organic compounds, and an almost odorless smell. In addition, the Notes Clear paint is made with an innovation that allows writing and drawing on walls.

Ease of Application

Healthy paint is characterized by its ease of application to walls without the need for special chemicals. It can be used with a brush, spray, or overlapping surfaces.

Resistance to Mold and Bacteria

Healthy paint must be resistant to mold and bacteria to reduce the accumulation of germs and infectious diseases.

Compliance with Health Standards

Healthy and environmentally responsible paint must comply with local and global health standards and aim to reduce harmful substances during the manufacturing process. It must also contain the maximum amount of recyclable and safe materials possible. We are proud to have obtained an ISO system certificate for our committed efforts towards achieving environmental sustainability.

Test Report

In general, we say that a paint has become a healthy paint if it contains natural and environmentally friendly components, is recyclable, and can be disposed of safely. This allows us to live healthily in our homes and enjoy a good quality of life.

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