Best 3 Decorative Paints to Garnish Your Space With in 2022

Imagine a home that breathes life into every moment—where every wall screams in style, mirroring your very own daring charm or even soft but graceful allure. Imagine your space just the way you like it to be, where choosing to lead a life of care and beauty isn’t just a passing late-night thought, but an aesthetic culture and a prevailing lifestyle.

You can start the brand new year with one key resolution: a good boost in interior, only to spruce up your home with a fresh new flick of decorative paint. It’s time you give your walls, woodwork or even ceilings a coat of fresh paint, with the power to greatly transform any living space into an artwork. It’s time you explored our simple guide to obtaining the best Decorative paints that will garnish your space in 2022.

Decorative paints come popping into the picture when rooms and spaces need to be embellished with style and poise. These paints are considered art forms that make a graceful, interior statement through the unique techniques used to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces and corners. Paint enables fabrics, furniture, walls, floors, carpets, windows, colors and shades to all come together, complementing one another; they are utilized to create the perfect harmonious space and mood.


One single paint job with a distinguished pop of color is known to have a great impact on our emotional state and well-being. When our homes are our own personalized harbor, a space where we feel the safest, the most comforted and – above all else – the happiest, it is only important that we get the right color scheme for creating a soothing home.

Our top paint experts create wall designs and ceiling colors and patterns in various innovative ways. For example, highly contrasting, bright colors can be beaming with energy, only to be combined to create a vibrant, highly enthusiastic ambience. Other schemes of decorative paints rely on other color families like when soothing, harmonious colors such as lime green, ocean blue, and sunshine yellow come together to make room decors look unique, pleasing and grand.

Moreover, a great emphasis is put on interior emulsion colors to grant you that distinctive look. When walls, ceilings, and floors are perceived as art canvases, shades and hues of solid colors would also be taken into account. Only then would every nook and cranny in your interior be considered.


As part of our mission at Jazeera Paints, we present you with schemes, ideas and different styles to bring you the most variety of decorative paint options to pick from. We want your bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, bathrooms, and kitchens to have their own individual decorative paints, only to make spaces and color schemes come alive and thriving. We want to help you create rooms with a distinct stamp of identity, a graphic statement, and a personal touch.

Primarily, decorative paints are handpicked, designs and patterns are customized, and decorative paints are applied with our revolutionary techniques. We help decide the placement of the colors and decor in each room while considering our culture, listening to your needs and options and making sure that all rooms are spacious and soothing, irrespective of size and type.

To achieve this aesthetic balance in your interior, we compiled some of our best Decorative paints to help you get an idea on how to use paint to its fullest within your living spaces.


Jazeera Paints introduces the Stannic Effect as a sleek and luminous finish to your wall paint. This design lends a shimmering richness to classic colors, presenting a timeless luxury to every wall and architectural element throughout your beautiful home. This decorative interior paint provides an aesthetic metal finish and an exceptional style.

STANNIC in living room 

Rust Effect

The unique paint of the Rust Effect style will naturally transform any new or old surface into an authentic rusty surface. Known for its immensely realistic feel, this stylish industrial look is perfect for feature walls in indoor rooms to make a statement; however, it can also be used on other outdoor surfaces such as garden ornaments and outdoor rooms and accessories.

Concrete Effect

We all know there lies a fine sophistication and richness tied to subtle shading, or the drama of raw, unfinished concrete. That said, Jazeera Paints introduces the Concrete Effect as a refined, modern, industrial textural effect of polished concrete.

The raw, industrial-inspired beauty of concrete can be easily achieved in your place, and it will surely create a rich look with a modern, luxurious flair. With such a gorgeous wall design, we urge you to make a grand statement in your home on interior walls in the living room, bedroom, or study.

So, to sum up, if you’re wondering what kind of paint to use on your walls, and which kind is really the best, the answer lies in the fact that the best decorative paint is actually the best and the most suiting for your own space. Only when you understand your interior—with all of its colors and architectural shapes and surfaces, can you bring out the best in it—using our high-quality products and innovative techniques.