Best Colors of Summer

Jazeera Paints the leading company in the industry of paints, colors, and construction solutions, selects a distinctive collection of harmonious colors for a congruous summer characterized by joy and vitality, upon the recommendation of color and decoration experts and designers, to create an elegant look that suits every space in your house, whether bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, or even the office.

For your bedroom: Pistachio Latte CT-2123

Pistachio Latte is chosen from the shades of nature, with its green shining look that will provide the place with a unique sense of freshness and will be consistent with your design pattern in harmony with the elements of nature, creating a renewed feeling of relaxation and serenity to enjoy a quiet and deep sleep.



For your living room: Fresh CT-2132

Fresh color is inspired by the light blue shades, which will certainly turn your living room into a tranquil and serene space.


For your office: Pina Colada CT-2229

Inspired by the vibrant yellow shade of Sunrise, the Pina Colada color is selected as it will suit your productive and fruitful work environment, creating a sense of motivation and innovation and allowing a daily opportunity for inspiration and creativity.

Pina Colada

For your guest room: Peppery OR-0464

You need a bold color? This rich apricot shade, peppery will be your best choice, as it motivates enjoying your time with your guests, in a harmonious surrounding of closeness and fun.


For a special summer at your home, just choose bright and cheerful colors that will bring the brightness of summer into every corner of your home. The natural or even artificial plants with green natural colors or the flowers in various and renewable colors, choosing comfortable furniture with a simple design and a lighting mainly based on the refreshing summer sun will highly promote the natural character of your home.

Whenever you desire to try one of such colors in different spaces of your home, you can use the color simulator, to get a true perception of your chosen color during the day and night periods. In addition, you can download the application via the iPhone App Store through the link here, to experience the color on your wall realistically during the day and at night, and under different lighting.

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