Three Bedroom Paint Colors Set to Make 2022 Gripping

After gathering up with our group of professionals, from color experts to interior designers, we, Jazeera Paints, have agreed to showcase three of the most striking, in vogue paint trends in the year ahead. The colors in “Color Trends 2022” are designed to inspire calm and serenity within you while simultaneously evoking your creative and fun side . As Pantone, the global color authority for the design community, announced that neutrals and pales will play a pivotal role in our decorating picks this year, and we are opting for more subdued neutral color palettes.


In a world where individuals are disconnected from nature and immersed in the madness of modernity, there comes a call to go back to nature for inspiration, and this is the spirit behind the creation of this palette. The palette crystalizes a “Return to Nature” philosophy, shading the light on our closeness to mother nature, where our true selves reside.

 Nonetheless, one can’t fully escape modern living, therefore our best approach is to mix modernity with nature, to be in the presence of the best of both worlds. So, we want to drive the tranquility of nature with the power of modernity into your bedroom to bring the best version of you to the world.


Hence, prepare yourself to freshen up the first space you see in the morning, and the last you experience before falling asleep each night. This will be truly revolutionizing.

Neutrals: For an Intimate Ambience

To start off with a color scheme that never goes out of style; neutrals. Not only does the beauty of neutrals and warm earth tones ensure the integration of nature and sophistication on a larger scale, but it also allows the exploration of design from a personal angle. This color palette gives you the flexibility to integrate a variety of materials, patterns, and finishes to suit your own personal taste. Given the privacy any bedroom entitles, a calm and serene color scheme can help the space feel more intimate and secure. A gentle emphasis on bold furniture, like a vivid rug or bright, royal bed sheets, will allow your personal pieces and possessions to shine.


So, that being said, we bring you the mid-brown taupe, a striking color for any room! Depending on the furniture and the interior of the space, this color can transform your room from a neat and tidy room to an exuberant and welcoming place. 

Neutrals are timeless colors, often founded on historic properties due to their nature-inspired appearance. The significance of using neutrals is the warm quality they give to backgrounds to let the rest of the room shine. So, our advice to you, when opting for a neutral paint color on the walls and ceiling, is to get bouncy with your bedroom furnishings and consider bringing in splashes of colors and patterns through fabrics and bedroom cushions to the rest of the room.

Bedroom Paint Colors
Steam color from Color Trend 2022

You can check out our CORIUM decorative paint for color inspiration.

Reflective Pales: For a Classy Edge

Now here is a collection of elegant and washed tones that add a gentle touch of your favorite color to your space without being too radiant. When you desire whimsical and expressive colors, luminous pales are usually your go-to. These colors have the ability to inspire and invigorate your senses in a refreshing but sophisticated manner. In this color scheme, no one can ever ruin your good day—it’s the perfect way to wake up in the morning. The shades are lighthearted, lively, and delightfully chic in the bedroom setting. They simultaneously appeal to both, the quiet and meditative styles of some people, and to the bold and vibrant design choices of others. This color collection is suited for experimentation, as the hues invigorate any space with an effortless charm.


Pink bedrooms have the power to deliver tenderness and excitement without staggering the space. However, opting for the right shade can be a difficult and risky task, since this color comes in an abundance of tones and hues, from soft rose pinks to peachy tones. To get that sophisticated and natural look for your bedroom, it is important that you choose a serene hue. If you can take a good look at the beautiful color Pink Rosemailto, you can spot an unusual aesthetic touch in the bedroom interior. This soft and luxurious shade is strong enough to bring sophistication to your living space while maintaining a calming aura. It complements almost all rooms around the house. However, if you use it in the bedroom, it will truly make your room a sanctuary.

Bedroom Paint Colors

Rose Pink color from Color Trend 2022


While our color experts at Jazeera Paints anticipate green to be one of the dominant colors in home interior this year, like pink, it's especially unusual for your bedroom. However, this color is a perennial favorite for sleeping spaces due to its tranquil, serene, and meditative qualities, as well as its closeness to nature. As mentioned before, the bedroom is a private space, a personal retreat, a place to slow down, and escape from the exhaustive hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, green could be your color!

For a relaxing, nurturing bedroom space, you can try our Green Silk paint in Aloe Vera color. It is versatile, as it allows you to bring in a bolder pop of color through décor and accessories.

Bedroom Paint Colors

 Aloe Vera color from Color Trend 2022